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Mom Deserves Beauty, Special Gift, and Relaxation on Mother's Day

Updated: May 5

It’s time to honor all the amazing moms and mother figures in our lives! Let's celebrate Mother's Day with love and gratitude. Don't forget to show appreciation with thoughtful gifts for both biological moms and those who play a nurturing role in our lives. 


Mom deserves to be pampered

Harlem Zen (Harlem, NY)

Take a trip to Harlem’s urban oasis. Pamper mom with purpose! Harlem Zen’s blissful facials are a relaxing reprieve that also gets the job done. Treat unwanted hair, hyperpigmentation, signs of aging and acne with their highly effective laser facials and other skincare delights! Mom will thank you for restoring and maintaining her beauty.

CBQ (Chicago, IL)

CBQ Facial Beauty Bar is mom’s go-to destination for skincare! CBQ makes skin health a holistic and transformative experience that is inclusive and affordable. Discover skincare items for mom to look and feel her best. She deserves to shine. Book her facial appointment today, or grab CBQ transformative products for the perfect gift.

Diamond’s Bodycare (Bessemer, NC)

Mom deserves proper hydration, glowing skin, and a fragrance created to capture attention. Diamond’s Bodycare has want it all! This plant-based luxury body care line has a special lineup of gift that will have mom smiling from ear to ear.

Special Gifts

Mom deserves adornments on and off her body

Gwen Beloti (Brooklyn, NY)

For the mom with a heart of gold, Gwen Bolti has quality jewelry lusters and shimmers. Crafted with care and intention, made with high grade materials so mom can enjoy your pieces long term. An intentional balance of minimalism and subtle statement, so every piece is suitable for any occasion. Give mom a memory she can wear year round. 

NiLu (Harlem, NY)

There’s literally something for everyone at Nilu, but we’ll focus on mom. Find everything from framed original photography or collages from local artists, culturally reflective dinner wear, funky pillows and candles, or Harlem Mural Coasters. Gift mom home finds that will be coveted by all who she entertains.

New Origin (Austin, TX)

Does your mom still value handcrafted, artisanal, one-of-a-kind wares? New Origin has elegant earrings, ceramic vases, restorative soaking salts, hand printed scarves and more. Give a gift curated to inspire thoughtful living and everyday luxury.

Relaxation/Netflix & Chill

Mama deserves to put her feet up and indulge

The Little Fat Girl (Harlem, NY)

Give mama the BEST DAMN brownies she’s ever had! Freshness matters, that's why the Little Fat Girl bakes their moist & fudgy little FAT brownies to order! Gift mom the little FAT Brownie Bag or little FAT Brownie Box. Make Mother’s Day sweet.

Black Cake Co (Brooklyn, NY)

Treat your mother to a delicious full-sized Rum Cake in any flavor from Black Cake Company, and receive a miniature version of the same flavor for FREE! Cake offerings: Black Cakes, Rum Cakes, Dundee cakes, German Chocolate Cakes, and Coconut Bread. Give mom a decedent nostalgic taste of the Caribbean. Order through their website and Amazon. 

Harlem Candle Co (Harlem, NY)

Mom’s home can be filled with beautiful scents that celebrate the Harlem Renaissance. Harlem Candle Company crafts candles, fragrances, diffusers and sprays that tell a story while taking you on an olfactory journey. Enhance mom’s home while creating a sense, literally, of comfort and luxury.

Moore Poppin (Chicago, IL)

Make Mother’s Day “more popping” with Moore Poppin popcorn. With flavors like Ragun Cajun Spicy Cheese, Caramel, Caramel with Pecans, and Cheezy Cheese, you’ll find a fun treat to share with mom.

Bronzeville Winery (Chicago, IL)

For the ultimate gift of indulgence, why not select a bottle of Bronzeville Winery’s unique wines from local and world-class winemakers? It's a thoughtful present that's sure to be appreciated.

Looking for an extraordinary gift? Consider their Wine Club Membership - the 4400 Collective. It's a monthly curated private sommelier-hosted wine-tasting event that will elevate anyone's wine-loving experience. Cheers to a great mom!

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